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All of us want to look beautiful,attractive. Girls as well as boys would want to look impressive. Eventhough inner beauty is more important than the outer beauty ,there would be no harm in trying to adopt good looks. This page provides some of the easy beauty tips one can make use of. Every measure may not be successful and also one may not get immediate results but then one must be patient. Anyways there is no harm in trying.

Here are some of the basic beauty related tips.

  • Wash your face frequently. It prevents acne and keeps your face fresh.
  • Apply sunscreen 20mins before you go out in the sun.Instead of applying creams you can apply natural face packs.
  • For normal skin ,multani mitti,glycerine and water made into a paste gives nice results.
  • To get rid of dark circles, place potato or cucumber slices on eyelids.
  • Do not make too much use of cosmetics. You wil get wrinkles soon. For healthy look you can use facial scrubs and masks.
  • If u notice a pimple popping up, apply small amount of saliva on it early morning as soon as you wake up.
  • After applying lipstick,put a tissue paper between your lips to make it dry. Lipstick won't spread now.
  • Above tip can be used after applying thick layer of kajal too.
  • Sparkling teeth can be obtained by using salt and lemon juice along with toothpaste.
  • Mix equal parts of salt and baking soda as a mouth wash that sweetens the breath.
  • Avoid using of electric hair straighteners as they make hair dry and brittle.
  • Do not change shampoos too often.This may effect your hair.Also use mild herbal anti-dandruff shampoos to get rid of dandruff.
  • You can apply herbal hair packs too.
  • Vinegar can be used as a final rinse.It gives glow to the hair.
  • Regular exercise and a nutritious diet keeps one healthy and beautiful.
  • Do not over dress. Simple looks are always appriciated more.
  • If you have the problem of hand sweatting, then immerse your hand in the water which was used for soaking potatoes.
  • Heat rashes on body can be reduced by applying on your body the water which was used to soak rice.
  • Soak aching feet in warm water to which a handful of salt is added and rinse in cool water to get relief.
  • A good posture has to be maintained when sitting,walking,sleeping.Even when having food one has to sit straight. If you tuck your tummy inside when having food then you can have a flat tummy.

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